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About us

Sandoval Solutions

we were born with a personal and professional approach, we are commited to making the environment a more healthy and beautiful place to live

We are a family owned company first starting out with herping family and neighbors, then being founded in 2020 making our families dream a reality with Sandoval solution

We are licensed and insured so you will have peace on mind knowing that your property and neighboring areas will be protected from any eventuality that covid our during the work

At Sandoval solution we have highly trained personnei in all matters related to the maintenance of green areas, pruning and tree removal withing residential areas


To be a leading company within Utah in the care, maintenance and pruning of all types ot trees and gardens, reusing all material resulting or work done quickly with integrity but above all safely.


Provide a permanent solution to problems related to the care, pruning and maintenance ot all types of trees, gardens in residential areas.

Our services

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Land leveling and classification

Digging, removing dirt, leveling slopes, filling low spots, compacting the soil, leveling the building site and nauling dirt to fill a hole or having dirt out to lever slope.

¿Whats the point?

Prevents damage to your landscape plants are healthier and the foundatlon is eye pleasing.

Stump Removal

We offer removal of stumps for independent service or as part of your tree removal service.

Damage Cleaning

We understand that natural disasters can not only be scary but can be stressful do to worrying about clean up and we are here and more then happy to help.

Tree Removal

we operate tools ana or machinery to prune or remove trees in compliance with saftey regurationd.

Other works

Shrub Trimming and removal we are able to shape and size your shrubs to your liking as prune any dying sections or removal of whole shrub.

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